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Family History

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My interest in who went before me was sparked after the death of my mother in the mid 1990s. Amongst her papers was a copy of a small Whelan family history document compiled by my father's cousin Eileen for the occasion of my grandparents' 60th wedding anniversary. It seems likely that the material she gathered was by word of mouth; Eileen and most of those who contributed to that material have passed away, and their memories gone forever.

During 1996-1999 I focused my research on my father's parents' names (Whelan and Hildebrand).

In 2006 I started investigating the family of my father's maternal grandmother, Ellen Ballantyne and in 2007 made contact with a number of the descendants. The spelling of the surname changed in the mid 19th century for some family branches, and is now often spelled Ballintyne. The Ballantyne family research went 'on hold' for a while but in early 2012 I put it together in a document which has been made available to family members via a private web link. 

This website contains a summary of my paternal family history.  Click on one of the three family group links above to read more. Genuine family history researchers wishing to know more about a family group should email me (see the "Welcome" page for email address). To date I have not included my mother's side of the family as there are still major obstacles to overcome.

If you have a query I will respond to your email promptly. You may like to include a phone number so I can call and have a chat if that seems appropriate.

If you are a relative, I am happy to provide specific descendant charts in PDF format for any family branch relevant to your research, and am also keen to get more information from you to fill in the "gaps" that inevitably exist.

I can also give relatives restricted online access to the birth, death and marriage certificates (and some other documents including photographs) that I and some of my relations have collected to date.

In particular I would like to get more photographs of the older generations of ancestors. If you have photos of our ancestors, please get in touch with me; we may be able to help each other.

Enquiries: ozgowrie AT gmail DOT com

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